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Project overview.

What we know.

project brief

What did we need to do?




project brief

What did we need to do?

block layout > hi-fi

Multi-tier system that can go from block layouts all the way to fully polished UI


Layouts and components are based on relative values to allow for easy nesting and reusability


Customizable, programmable UI system components including brand guides


Semantic naming structure and responsive system facilitates easy dev hand-off

simplicity is key

This is a portion of the system that was used to build a system map and blocked layout of dashboard web application.

These are high-level categories that help define the hierarchy of the application and include areas for notes that explain the purpose of the element.

The scale and contrast of the grayscale elements are designed to help facilitate an understanding of the general layout distracting design elements.

cocoa press landing page


updated logo

difficult navigation

The menu structure required users to follow a path that was defined for them.

Store content and company content was intertwined, making it unclear where users were and where they were able to go.

cocoa press landing page ( alternate color scheme)


accessible on mobile

Content broken down into clear and concise sections, each occupying approximately 1 screen-height

bold & fun, yet polished and sophisticate:

Bright colors, bold text, and large product shots

the location is just as important as the amenities:

Maps with landmarks, transit routes, and locations of everyday errands.

unclear hierarchy

With only one color and minimal text styling, there is no clear visual hierarchy.

initial version presented (rejected)

logo construction

rejected variations

horizontal orientation, light & dark

single color

company messaging given no focus

The company mission statement was buried well within the site. We loved the message and wanted to move it front and center to promote the brand.

property pages content flow


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mobile first approach

The site looking great on mobile was a must. I knew The WIHN wanted a bold design and what better way to achieve that with heavy font weights and splashes of color?

product data example

Pico's product catalog includes machines with comprehensive specs. The current layout wasn't optimally organized and was inconsistent across the catalog.

looks pretty zen to me

photoshop > filter > mosaic

warm, sunset colors juxtapose the cool hues

tints and shades of hues from the palette are used to build the grayscale palette.

a typeface for each voice

ui cards and icon set design direction

typography and supporting UI ELEMENTS

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We used a pre-navigation bar that allows users to switch between Pico companies. As companies are added, additional tabs are added.

The main navigation is used for navigating through global contact which is defined as anything that isn't unique to a company page. This includes contact forms, theblog, FAQs, etc.

which property is for you?

Location and amenities can be a deciding factor. Most tenants don't have cars and need easy access to both local and regional transit.

posts breakdown


Pico-published news, upcoming events, promos, guides to other areas of blog or site


Defined as articles and references from non-Pico companies


Content published by Pico

past tenant review

Knowing what others say about the neighborhood is a great way to get a feel for the areas you're considering.

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